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Red Bull Skydive Team

- Performance Variety -

The Red Bull Skydive Team – consisting of four exceptionally gifted aerial acrobats -show which possibilities the playground of the third dimension offers. This show builds up the extra rush for sports events, concerts, business parties or product presentations. No matter if day or night, over land or water – with breath taking light and smoke effects this action is a perfect highlight for special occasions.

Dominic R. Georg L. Marco W. Marco F.

Dominic Roithmair

Date of Birth: January 6th, 1990 in Innsbruck – Tirol
Year of first jump: 2004


About me..

As a drop zone kid I was surrounded by skydivers and when I turned 14 I was finally
ready to go on my own. Ever since I was hooked by this unique feeling of free fall and
any other discipline of human flight.


Main motivation..

Help the sport to progress with people around the world, realizing impossible things with
my team and simply enjoy the privilege of what we are able to do… Seeing the world
from a different angle while flying our bodies.
Main discipline: Freefly / Canopy Piloting

Georg Lettner

Date of Birth: August 2nd, in Salzburg – Austria
Year of first jump: 2003


About me..

I started skydiving because my sister inspired me for this wonderful sport. I was 12 years
old and she was already jumping when I did my first tandem in Salzburg. From this day
on I was just waiting to get old enough to start jumping by my self.


Main discipline..

When I have to choose my main discipline I would say it`s wingsuiting. But using
different tools like wingsuit, tracksuit or canopies to fight against gravity is just a lot of
fun and always a nice battle ;-).


Date of Birth: July 16th, 1984 in Salzburg – Austria
Year of first jump: 2001


About me…

My father Peter was into Skydiving/Paragliding as long as i can remember. The main time of my childhood i was with him on the Drop-zone or on any mountain where he was practicing his passion Paragliding. From the beginning on i was fascinated by this Sport so it was very clear for me to start skydiving as early as possible. So i did my first Tandem-jump when i was 11 years old and started Skydiving in 2001. Yeahhhh


Main motivation…

At the moment i am super happy to be part of such an unique Team. It gives me exactly the
motivation i need to move on and gett better in what i am doing.
To travel the world, meet inspiring people and represent the sport
which blows my mind every time again.
Main discipline: Wingsuit-flying / Base-Jumping
I really love to jump from cliffs.

Marco Fürst

Date of Birth: March 14th, 1991 in Bregenz – Vorarlberg
Year of first jump: 2009


About me..

Because I grew up with sailing and windsurfing, I always was stunned by the element of
air. After my first jump I knew right away that skydiving is the sport I’d be totally
passionate about.


Main motivation..

I want to share my passion for skydiving with other people and move boundaries in
extending the sport’s possibilities and realizing new projects to spend as much time as I
can in the fun 3rd dimensional play ground.
Main discipline: Canopy Piloting / Freefly