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30 October 2017

We got the chance to jump the highest building in central Asia and it was fantastic!!! #goodtimes    

Bosnian Pyramids

30 October 2017

It was a pleasure to fly over this beautiful landscape! Here are some impressions of our trip to the small town Visoko…

Pink Boogie 17

10 July 2017

Wald4tl 2017 is always something special! It was a week full of good vibes and awesome jumps in the middle of nowhere 😉 Marco FĂŒrst is once again the Austrian Swoop champion and we managed to set a new Austrian Head-down record …babuuum 🙂 So check out some great pics taken from our buddy Wolfgang Lienbacher […]

Trainingdays over Niederöblarn

25 June 2017

Niederöblarn is always amazing! This place has everything… nice people, good vibes and a mind-blowing Szenerie!!! Check out some picÂŽs from last week taken by @WolfgangL.

Wingz over Linz

13 June 2017

Bubbledays 2017 was a blast! We had some amazing show-jumps and a lot of fun with the whole gang 🙂 Check out the pix to get an idea of what we did over Linz! Thx Wolfgang L. for the pictures


3 April 2017

Here some impressions from last week! Flying over the ski resort Obertauern


22 March 2017

Back from the Sandbox…     We had a great time at Skydive Dubai! Different to the other times but always good to jump over this amazing scenery. Check out some nice pics by Wolfgang Lienbacher alias #oiswosmabrauchnisabĂŒdl 😉  Video is coming soon #rbstflight #givesyouwings #enjoy

Tunnel Nationals 2017

2 March 2017

We had a really good time at Wind o Bona in Vienna! To see all the nice people from our small Austrian Skydive community is always a pleasure and a good start in the season 🙂 #lettheseasonstart Here are some impressions from last week!

Valentines day

14 February 2017

Sending out some love! It was a wonderful flight over the small island in croatia. This beautiful “heart island” is surrounded by so many other islands wich you can’t  see from the ground. Amy Chmelecki, Marco Waltenspiel and Marco FĂŒrst built up “Armors arrow” with there Wing-suits for the perfect Valentines Picture.


22 November 2016

Red Bull Aces was a blast! Congrats to Noah, Will and Andy…was amazing to see you guys flying strait into the finals! #goodtimes #goodvibes hope to see you all next year!!!